Response to the State Water Control Board’s Water Quality Control Plan

This project includes the development of additional water that can be used for irrigation and wildlife enhancement purposes and to improve groundwater recharge in the area.

The State Water Resources Control Board has released its Water Quality Control Plan which, if implemented, will cause significant harm to California residents without quantifying any specific environmental benefits. In taking this step, Felicia Marcus, the Board’s Chairwoman noted that San Joaquin River flows have not been updated since 1995. We fully agree it’s time that state […]

The Fix on California WaterFix

The San Luis & Delta-Mendota Water Authority has filed a motion to disqualify State Water Board officers Felicia Marcus and Tam Doduc. Imagine getting arrested and during your first court appearance the judge tells you that you’re guilty. Imagine then that the judge says that you’ll receive a trial but the only outcome in question […]

Setton Pistachios and California Food Bloggers Team Up

California Pistachios

Setton Farms generously donated their pistachios and some of California’s best food bloggers brought their talents to share these great recipes with us: Pistachio Pesto Salad (Barbara from Barbara Cooks) Bacon Pistachio-crusted Scallops (Whitney from Little Leopard Book) Pistachio Pudding Parfait (Jackie from Seaside Baker) Fresh Salad with Pistachios (Bri from BriGeeski) Pistachio-crusted Crab Cakes (Mimi from Mimi Avocado) Bombay […]