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Programs and Activities

The Coalition works to help consumers, elected representatives, government officials and the media make the connection between farm water and our food supply.

Public Outreach

The California Farm Water Coalition actively engages with the public and media on farm water issues. Engagement takes numerous forms and occurs at many levels.

CFWC continuously works to develop new materials and publications highlighting issues, events and accomplishments concerning irrigated agriculture. Learn more about the Coalition’s public outreach efforts below.

Publications and Multimedia Outreach Examples

Social Media

The Coalition maintains both Consumer and Industry social media outreach channels.

Check out some of the Coalition’s latest social posts and be sure to follow and share!

Cover for Food Grows Where Water Flows
Food Grows Where Water Flows

Food Grows Where Water Flows

Presented by the California Farm Water Coalition.

Investing in local water projects allows California to be nimble in wet and dry years. Capturing and storing water when it rains relieves the strain on our system when it’s dry. For #CAWater Awareness Month, learn more about local water supply projects at Lake Oroville as of 4/26/24 ... See MoreSee Less
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Farmland covered under the Williamson Act may now be used as a renewable energy project under new proposed state legislation (AB 2528). The bill would allow owners of Williamson Act land that lacks sufficient water for farming to cancel their contracts—without paying a fee or waiting nine years—if the land is used for wind or solar energy projects.#cfwc #californiaagriculture #inseason #cawater #farming #foodgrowswherewaterflows #whatsfordinner #eatcalifornia #californiafarmsandranches ... See MoreSee Less
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Cover for California Farm Water Coalition
California Farm Water Coalition

California Farm Water Coalition

Food Grows Where Water Flows

California attained 4.1 million acre-feet of controlled groundwater recharge during Water Year 2023, almost matching Shasta Lake's water storage capacity, according to statistics from DWR's Semi-Annual Groundwater Conditions report. #cawater ... See MoreSee Less
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A revised Record of Decision (ROD) addressing the Lower Basin's commitment to save 3 million acre-feet to address significant elevations in Lakes Powell and Mead in the near term through 2026 was signed by the Department of Interior on May 9, 2024. #cawater ... See MoreSee Less
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