News Line – November 20, 2014

News Line – November 20, 2014 Read the latest news about issues affecting agriculture and farm water in California. No Coalition Responses Today    Other News Water Supply EDITORIAL: Why are U.S. lawmakers making California water deals in secret? From: Staff, Los Angeles Times California made extraordinary progress on water policy in this severe drought […]

California groundwater pumping impacts preventable

CBS News recently focused on the impacts of groundwater pumping in California, but the causes were avoidable. Improving the reliability of surface water to avoid extracting groundwater from aquifers was a primary goal of California’s water projects. The reality is, California groundwater overdraft impacts were preventable. We applaud 60 Minutes for discussing the important issue […]

News Line – November 19, 2014

No Coalition Responses Today    Other News Water Supply Talks on drought bill underway on Capitol Hill From: M. Doyle & M. Grossi, Fresno Bee California’s water future is boiling below the surface this week.Only the chosen few have a clue about details. Bill documents, currently about 50 pages, are stamped “confidential draft language, do […]

UC study provides look at consequences from water shortages

california drought

Below is a statement by Mike Wade, Executive Director of the California Farm Water Coalition.   An updated study released today by the California Department of Food and Agriculture and the UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences provides a glimpse of the consequences of water supply shortages for the state of California. These effects will […]