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Battle heats up over proposed Delta tunnels

Coalition response…The latest comparison from the Bay Delta Conservation Plan regarding the two tunnels versus alternatives reveals that as many as 137,000 full-time equivalent jobs would be created with the twin tunnels ( The capacity for these tunnels would be 9,000 cubic feet per second (cfs). A previous study noted that a single tunnel with a capacity of only 3,000 cfs would create 70,000 jobs and 130,000 jobs from a larger 15,000 cfs set of tunnels.

While some individuals and groups suggest that a 3,000 cfs tunnel would save money, it does not accomplish the goals set forth by the Legislature. Natural Resources Secretary John Laird has stated, “A tunnel this size, which would move much less water than is currently permitted, is not adequate to protect California from a disaster.”

Years of study and research by scientists have gone into the effort to reach a solution for Delta ecosystem restoration and a reliable water supply, the goals set forth by the Legislature. These studies are available at the above referenced website. “Frank and fair public discussions” will benefit our state’s water future but those involved must be committed to leave their agendas aside for the betterment of all California.DCP 

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