From October 7 through November 23, California residents will be hearing about farm water and the need to fix the state’s ailing water supply system.  The 30 and 60-second ads discuss the current water supply shortage as well as the legal and regulatory causes behind this year’s round of cuts that indled over 100,000 acres of farmland.

Agriculture is an important part of our economy and culture and when supplies are short, whether it’s because of a regulatory or natural drought, people lose their jobs and the economy of the state suffers.

Contact your elected representatives in Sacramento and Washington, DC and tell tham to fix California’s broken water supply system.  We need new reservoirs and a better way to move water through the Delta that protects water users and the farms that grow our food.

Listen to the CFWC radio ad here:

cfwc radio 2008 sc 60 final_1-2

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