Response to the L.A. Times - 1/17/24

An LA Times article on 1-17-24 regarding a state water-saving plan pursues an outdated line of thought that tries to pit urban water users against farms. The only way we adjust to water shortages and climate change is working together, not picking winners and losers. And that’s exactly what California farms have been doing.

According to the Public Policy Institute (PPIC) overall farm water use is down 15% since 1980 due to implementation of conservation measures and utilization of new technology. In addition, California farmers have pioneered urban-rural partnerships which have led to hundreds of thousands of acre-feet of water being shifted from farms to California families, taking pressure off the entire system.

And let’s not forget that farms are not the end users of water, consumers are. The water sent to farms is used to grow food, protecting our safe, affordable, domestic food supply.

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