Sustainable Food Supplies and Imports

Sustainable Food Supplies and Imports America’s grocery stores may seem brimming with fresh fruits and vegetables year-round, but behind the vibrant displays lies a sobering truth: a significant portion of these products are imported from other countries.  The new CFWC fact sheet, “Our Food Supply – Sustainability & Imports,” opens the door to discussions about the policies […]

A Better Alternative for Saving the Colorado River

As the lifeblood of the arid American Southwest, the Colorado River stands as both a symbol of vitality and a testament to the intricate balance between human necessity and environmental stewardship. Flowing through seven U.S. states and Mexico, its waters sustain over 40 million people, vast agricultural lands, tribal interests and a myriad of ecosystems.

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Farm Water Cafe

From our dinner to our data centers, everything has a water footprint. Find out more about how much water it takes to grow our food or charge our cars with this infographic. 

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Coping With Weather Whiplash – Improving S2S Precipitation Forecasting

Guest Post by Jeanine Jones, Interstate Resources Manager, California Department of Water Resources Water Year 2023 was notable for ending the 2020 – 2022 drought, California’s driest consecutive three-year period, with one of the state’s snowiest years. This rapid change in water supply conditions was not predicted by the National Weather Service (NWS), reflecting the […]

Where Does Farm Water Go?

Water used to grow farm products doesn’t stay on the farm. It becomes part of the food we eat and the clothing we wear.    California is a net importer of the water needed to feed and clothe our population. 

STATEMENT: The Sacramento Valley Shows There’s a Better Way to Manage Water

STATEMENT: The Sacramento Valley Shows There’s a Better Way to Manage Water October 1 marked the beginning of the new water year in California. And while 2023 provided an abundant amount of water, anyone who lives here knows we can’t assume 2024 will be the same. In fact, the only thing we know for certain […]