There is broad consensus on the need to capture more water when its raining

News outlets across the state and the nation are pointing out that California has dragged its feet making the changes to water storage and regulations that will help the state adjust to climate change and the wetter wet years and hotter dry years it produces.


San Francisco Chronicle

Californians approved billions for new water storage. Why hasn’t it gotten built?

San Jose Mercury News / Bay Area News Group

California stormwater storage limited by 2-inch fish

Los Angeles Times

California has lots of catching up to do on flood management — with or without climate change

Orange County Register

Harvesting the deluge is an opportunity for Californians

Bakersfield Californian

State laws hamper flood flow storage but one San Joaquin Valley water district cut through the red tape. Can others follow?


Storms tell California to upgrade its plumbing

New York Times

In a Drought, California Is Watching Water Wash Out to Sea


Storms Show California’s Outdated Plumbing Puts Economy at Risk

San Diego Union Tribune

Suddenly, water is everywhere. So are questions about saving more of it.


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