Did you know?

Did you know that California is America’s most productive Dairy State?

  • California produces nearly 21% of the country’s dairy.
  • California dairy farmers collectively tend to about 1.8 million cows.
  • Those cows gave us approximately 42 billion pounds of milk.

Did you know that California’s dairy cows prefer California-Grown food?

  • Some dairy cows eat the hulls (a part we don’t eat) left over from California almonds.  It provides them with a diet high in energy – pretty important for milk production!
  • As the price of corn has risen, many dairy farmers have sought to replace the important sugars and pectin that corn provides with fruit byproducts, such as apple peel and even tomato pulp!
  • The changing markets have moved traditional fiber sources such as oat hay out of reach of many dairy farms.  Some innovative dairy farms have found a replacement in rice straw- readily available here in California!

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Did you know that 99% of California Dairies are Family Farms?

Learn more about California’s Family Dairies here.

In fact, most (97%) of California’s Farms are run by families- Meet more of California’s family farmers here.

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