sign_sample_small.jpgFarm Water Works! is the public education outreach program of the California Farm Water
Coalition. The program carries the message that agricultural water is an important element
in the lives of all Californians from people in rural communities to residents of our
major population centers.

The cornerstone of our outreach effort is our highway sign program. This grass roots
campaign was developed in partnership with Coalition members, local farm bureaus, water
districts and farmers. Our colorful signs along the highways have helped introduce
agriculture and our message to the traveling public.

Truck Sign Program 

Travelers on highways from Chico to Bakersfield are being exposed to a rolling message
about agricultural water use in 2001 thanks to a partnership between Button
Transportation, Inc. and the California Farm Water Coalition.

Button Transportation is a agriculture-based trucking company located in Dixon, Yolo
County. The goal of the effort is to educate California consumers about the agriculture’s
use of water.

sign_truck_big.jpgCFWC has placed signs on 100 of Button’s trucks as part of its Farm Water Works!
Program, a statewide outreach effort aimed at helping consumers make the connection
between the abundant food and fiber products we enjoy and the efficient use of
agricultural water supplies by farmers.

"We wanted to help educate consumers that food doesn’t come from the grocery
store," said Bob Button in explaining why he decided to join the effort.

The trucking industry provides a valuable link between agriculture and consumers. Many
trucking companies provide products and services to farmers, such as liquid fertilizers
and the transportation of farm products to processors, as is the case with Button’s
company. Other trucking companies deliver produce to retail outlets and ocean ports for
shipments to export markets. In fact, a recent California State University,  Fresno
study shows that in 1996, approximately 92 percent of California’s fresh fruit and
vegetable shipments were delivered to receivers by truck.

For more information on the truck sign program, contact CFWC at 916/441-7723 or e-mail

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