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Would you like to have a farmer in your classroom? Speakers are available for any grade and can talk to your students about what it’s like to work in agriculture.

The California Farm Water Coalition and the California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom have partnered on an exciting program that brings farmers to your classroom. Your students can meet a farmer and hear about animals, food production, technology, tractors and machinery as well as business topics for older students thinking about a career.

Complete the form below and select the topic or topics of interest to your class and we will schedule a classroom visit from a farmer or a farm-related expert in your area. Presentations are tailored to each class level, last from 30 to 45 minutes, and give students a chance to participate in a lively discussion and ask questions about what goes on at a farm.


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Learn More About Agriculture and the Future of Farming

Experts are available to speak on a variety of topics, ranging from biology to economics, and everything in-between. Every speaker brings a wealth of knowledge to share with your students- contact us today to discuss your classroom requirements.

Growing on the Farm

How Crops Grow
Following Food Safety and Other Rules
How Water is Used on the Farm
Keeping Soil Healthy and Productive
Climate Change and Local Agriculture

Equipment & Technology

Drones and Autonomous Equipment
Computer-Controlled Applications
Robots on the Farm
How Crops are Harvested

Economics & Marketing

Economics of Agriculture
How Do Crops Get to Market
Financing Farm Development
Global Trade and Local Markets
Politics and Agriculture