California’s drought continues to evolve with impacts affecting different parts of the state in varying degrees.Estimates of land fallowing, the associated economic impacts as well as unemployment and under employment are different today than they were in February. Several storms swept across California in February, March and April, adding a small amount of relief in the short term to the water supply crisis. This additional water supply, coupled with significant amounts of groundwater pumping, has helped keep farmland in production that previously was believed to be idled this year.

August 5, 2014 Update – Agriculture in California is a strong contributor to the economy of our state and nation.  Agricultural plays an important role in California communities.
June 12, 2014 Update – Supply cutbacks, lost jobs, groundwater extractions, and diminished ag production hurt more than just    the state’s economy, the impacts are hitting some regions harder than most.
May 22, 2014 Update – The impacts of water shortage affect businesses and families alike. Growing unemployment, poverty rates, mortgage defaults, and business bankruptcies are all impacting the Central Valley economy.