Protecting the Environment

On the farm, every day is Earth Day. To keep the land healthy for future generations, farmers must be good stewards of their environment. That means constantly bringing innovative approaches to preserving the land, water, and surrounding wildlife habitat is an important part of everyday life.

Some of California’s most important wildlife areas exist alongside some of the state’s most productive farmland. Farmers take that responsibility seriously and continuously work to protect, enhance, and increase wildlife habitat for the good of all Californians.

  • Partnering with wildlife refuges to capture and re-circulate water that was formerly lost through flows out of the refuge area
  • Capturing saline drainage water and reusing on salt tolerant crops
  • Delaying harvest activities until migratory birds have left their nests
  • Improving spawning conditions in rivers and streams for iconic species, such as the Chinook salmon
  • Replacing infrastructure that blocks creeks and streams with more environmental-friendly projects to restore migratory corridors for fish
  • Flooding harvested fields to improve access to nutrients for fish and waterfowl

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Some of California's most important wildlife areas coexist alongside some of the world's most productive farmland.