Innovations on the Farm


Farmers are using the latest technology to manage irrigation water and monitor their crops. The use of drip and micro-irrigation helps conserve water and improve crop health and yield. Remote sensors measure soil moisture to make sure irrigation happens at the right time and in the right amount. And GPS-controlled tractors allow more precise control over equipment operations and high efficiency, subsurface drip irrigation components.


  • Upgrades to irrigation systems including expanded use of drip, micro-sprinkler and subsurface irrigation.
  • Using sensors that monitor soil moisture, temperature, and crop water use.
  • Recycling irrigation water, which reduces the amount of freshwater needed.
  • Installing solar-powered equipment that dramatically improves water management efficiency. Additional power can be generated that goes back into the grid to supply energy for other farms as well as urban areas.
  • Metered delivery of fertilizer which results in reduced use of chemicals.
  • GPS controlled tractors improve field operations and allow variable application of fertilizers and crop protection materials.
  • Handheld tablet apps help monitor and track all farm operations.


Farmers are always adapting to new technologies and new techniques.