• California Farms

    Think you know all there is to know about farms in California?

    California's farms may just surprise you.

    About 97% of California's farms are family-owned and the average farm size is substantially smaller than farms elsewhere in the country.

    Yet our farms lead the way in adopting new, innovative farming technologies and practices.

    Learn more about the farms producing food and fiber in our backyard.

  • Farms, Water, and Food

    The food and fibers we rely on need water to grow.



  • California Water

    Learn more about water in California.

    California's story is the story of water.

    California's communities, farms, and environment rely on our careful management and responsible stewardship of this precious resource.

    From Silicon Valley tech firms to Imperial Valley pepper farms, water is the key to California's success.

    Learn more about California's water.

  • California's Broken System

    California's broken water system threatens us with perpetual drought.

    But we can fix it.

    Working together we can find solutions that prepare California for an uncertain future, protect communities, ensure vibrant farms, and protect and restore endangered species. Learn more about our broken system.

Did you know?

California's farmers are global leaders in innovation. From autonomous tractors to soil and plant moisture sensors- California's farms are transforming agriculture and sharing our successes with the rest of the world along the way.

Improving Irrigation Technologies and Techniques

California's farmers use the best blends of innovative technology and agronomic techniques to bring us fresh, affordable, local farm products while balancing water use, energy demands, and crop needs every time they irrigate.

Getting Better- Every Day.

California's farmers invested more than $3 billion installing drip and micro-irrigation systems on 2.4 million acres of farmland since 2003 to help stretch water supplies.

Farms and the Environment

California's farmers rely on a healthy environment to grow the food we all enjoy. Working together to find solutions to the challenges facing our State is important to everyone

Fish vs Farms? A False Choice.

California doesn't need to choose between fish and farms. Smart, scientifically-sound practices can help to protect endangered fish species, restore habitat, and promote recovery without harming farms and the people who rely on them. Learn more

California is a Special Place

California is a special place- with rich soils, temperate climate, and abundant resources that allow us to produce an amazing variety of food and fiber. Protecting the soil, air, and water today ensures that California's farmers are passing on a healthy start to future generations. Learn more

Fixing our Broken Water System

A healthy environment, vibrant farms, and productive cities- Californians can have it all, if we fix our broken system. Learn more

Collaborative Success

Local organizations, water districts, farmers, and others are coming together across the state to help improve our environment while protecting communities.  Learn more


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