Farms and the Environment

California's farmers rely on a healthy environment to grow the food we all enjoy. Working together to find solutions to the challenges facing our State is important to everyone

Fish vs Farms? A False Choice.

California doesn't need to choose between fish and farms. Smart, scientifically-sound practices can help to protect endangered fish species, restore habitat, and promote recovery without harming farms and the people who rely on them. Learn more

California is a Special Place

California is a special place- with rich soils, temperate climate, and abundant resources that allow us to produce an amazing variety of food and fiber. Protecting the soil, air, and water today ensures that California's farmers are passing on a healthy start to future generations. Learn more

Fixing our Broken Water System

A healthy environment, vibrant farms, and productive cities- Californians can have it all, if we fix our broken system. Learn more

Collaborative Success

Local organizations, water districts, farmers, and others are coming together across the state to help improve our environment while protecting communities.  Learn more