Bill Diedrich on maximizing USBR water deliveries-

"The USBR has filed a Notice of Intent and request for comments on the proposed Draft Environmental Impact Statement, Revisions to the Long Trem Operation of the Central Valley Project and the State Water Project, and related facilities in the federal register.

This action of the USBR is highly technical in its nature, but does not change the law in regards to the endangered species act, as some have been reporting. It is simply looking at maximizing operations within the current law, and exercising discretion under the law on how the combined projects are operated. There has been, and continues to be relevant scientific advances made of our understanding of the Delta ecosystems which needs to be put into practice. Stressor evaluations of other than CVP and SWP operations, non-flow measures to decrease stressors, and habitat restoration are a few that could yield significant improvement to both environment(fish) and water supply.

This process gives hope to all of us who use water from the CVP and SWP that enviromental goals may more effectively be met, and at the same time improve the supply and reliability of our contracted water supply. This will benefit the state by protecting, restoring and enhancing the Delta and a vibrant California economy as the result of a more reliable water supply. These are by the way, the Co-equal goals that are a part of California Water Code as the result of the Delta Reform Act, passed by the state legislature in 2009.

This is a positive direction for all of California, and lifts the spirits of those who toil long and hard in the business of California water policy!"

Bill Diedrich, Farmer