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Tunnel vision—Local experts assess the governor’s peripheral-tunnels plan

Coalition response…Individuals and organizations who state they do not trust the state government are refuting the seven years of study by scientists that has gone into developing the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP). Instead of continuing the “lose-lose situation” in the Delta as correctly pointed out by Mr. Winternitz, BDCP provides the best opportunity to create a reliable water supply and restore the ecosystem of the Delta, both mandated goals by the Legislature in 2009.

The benefits resulting from the efforts of farmers in any one area of the state are spread through other regions of California’s economy and way of life. Jobs are created and financial contributions are made at both local and statewide levels. Creating a reliable water supply that will allow San Joaquin Valley farmers to grow a healthy and affordable supply of food that consumers depend upon will help everyone.

The operation of the federal Central Valley Project and the State Water Project, which rely on reservoirs in Northern California, has enabled California and its citizens to prosper for nearly three-quarter of a century. BDCP provides the opportunity to continue that prosperity.

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