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Fish Wrap: Sacramento River project would endanger local fisheries

Coalition response…It is understandable that fishermen are concerned about the possible effects the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) may have on fish but those concerns need to be based on facts. Saying the tunnels “could take away half or more of the Sacramento River before it reaches the Delta” does not reflect reality. Mandated water levels flowing through the Delta will be maintained under BDCP. The flow of water through the tunnels will be governed according to available supply. When the flows are high, more water will move through the tunnels. Lower flows mean less water will be exported. See more at

BDCP includes more than a 100,000 acres of habitat that will be created to protect fish by providing safe harbor from predators and an improved food supply.

Too many people mistakenly believe that the pumps that deliver water to thousands of farms and 25 million Californians are the primary cause of the dwindling salmon population of recent years. Yet, the National Marine Fisheries Service has concluded that poor ocean conditions—warm water and a reduced food supply—is the leading cause of the drop in salmon populations.

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