California Agriculture Is More Than Just Nuts…A Lot More

When it comes to diversity, California is a global leader. And that includes the crops our farmers grow. In fact, California farmers produce more than 400 different commodities that make up categories such as fruits and vegetables, nuts, animal feed, and grains. California agriculture is more than just nuts… a lot more. In terms of […]

Kern Water Bank

What is the Kern Water Bank? The Kern water bank is a groundwater recharge facility in Kern County. It stores water for future use that has been imported from the Kern River and other parts of the state. It is operated by an organization of public water agencies called the Kern Water Bank Authority that […]

Water Banks and Groundwater Recharge Projects

Water banks and groundwater recharge projects are important tools to manage California’s water supply. California’s farmers, water managers, and many cities have long recognized the importance of groundwater recharge in helping to restore aquifers during times of water abundance to help prepare for the inevitable dry periods common in Mediterranean climates. Water banks and groundwater recharge […]

Learn More About: Subsidence Solutions

There has been a lot of attention in the media this week to the subject of groundwater overdraft and subsidence, or settling of the land when groundwater is pumped. While this is an extremely important issue for California, people should remember that not all overdraft is the same and “one size fits all” solutions are a mistake.

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