California's Farms

What sets California's farms apart?

California's farms are unique.

California farms, like the state itself, are world-class. A rare combination of innovation, place, experience, and dedication, make California farms special.

  • Innovation

    Culture of Innovation

    California's farmers have long been early adopters of new and innovative technologies that can help produce food and fiber more efficiently.

    Today's farmers continue this tradition. Employing advanced laser land leveling systems and self-driving tractors, complex networks of soil moisture and plant health sensors, as well as adaptive scientific approaches to improve groundwater conditions and reducing environmental impacts of food production.

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  • Special Place

    Fertile Soils, Favorable Climates

    California's soils are considered to be among the very best in the world. In fact, a rich variety of soils exist throughout the state, promoting the growth of a wide range of different crops, each well-suited to their conditions.

    California also enjoys a rare Mediterranean climate, whose dry summers and wet winters provide ideal conditions to grow in. Our typically dry, warm summers help to ensure that plants have the right amount of sun, while reducing their exposure to pests and disease, while our wet, cold winters provide the abundant water and snow that fills our reservoirs to sustain crops all year round. California benefits from a wide range of microclimates as well, that allow for great diversity in the crops that can be grown.

  • Family Farms

    chris hurd family farm

    More than 95% of California's farms are family owned.

    Most of California's farms remain family-run businesses today.

    A recent report from California Department of Food and Agriculture reports that only 1.3% of California's farms are operated by non-family corporations. California's tradition of family owned farms is a source of pride for many rural communities.

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  • Experience

    Generations of Experience

    All parents want their children to succeed, and in many rural communities across California, young people learn to care for the land, keep the books, and bring in a successful harvest while working alongside their parents.

    Ensuring the best chance of success for future generations requires careful stewardship, responsible management, and in California, a willingness to innovate.