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Food Grows Where Water Flows

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Sustainable Food Supplies and Imports

Sustainable Food Supplies and Imports America’s grocery stores may seem brimming with fresh fruits and vegetables year-round, but behind the vibrant displays lies a sobering truth: a significant portion of these products are imported from other countries.  The new CFWC fact sheet, “Our Food Supply – Sustainability & Imports,” opens the door to discussions about the policies and regulations that have made Americans more dependent on foreign-produced food. According to data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture,

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A Better Alternative for Saving the Colorado River

As the lifeblood of the arid American Southwest, the Colorado River stands as both a symbol of vitality and a testament to the intricate balance between human necessity and environmental stewardship. Flowing through seven U.S. states and Mexico, its waters sustain over 40 million people, vast agricultural lands, tribal interests and a myriad of ecosystems.

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Farm Water Cafe

From our dinner to our data centers, everything has a water footprint. Find out more about how much water it takes to grow our food or charge our cars with this infographic. 

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About Us

The California Farm Water Coalition is a non-profit, educational organization committed to sharing fact-based information about the important role water plays in the food, fiber, and nursery products grown in California.