About Us

The California Farm Water Coalition was formed in 1989 in the midst of a six-year drought. CFWC was formed to increase public awareness of agriculture’s efficient use of water and promote the industry’s environmental sensitivity regarding water.  Learn more about our mission, our members, and our efforts to promote California farm water.

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Farm Water and the Environment

California agriculture provides valuable environmental resources such as open space and habitat.  Irrigated agriculture is committed to protecting wildlife while maintaining farming operations.

California farms provide important environmental benefits, such as habitat for wildlife and migratory waterfowl.  Additionally, agriculture often serves as an important food source for many species as harvesting typically leaves some product behind in the field.

Crops such as rice and alfalfa have traditionally been criticized for their water use.   However, these crops actually provide benefits to the environment.

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Sharing California’s Water

We All Share California’s Water Supply

California’s farmers and consumers share a common bond when it comes to our water supply. Consumers depend on clean, reliable supplies of water for domestic needs including, cooking, cleaning, drinking and bathing.  Farmers use water to grow the crops that feed and clothe us.  Our farmers grow more than 400 food, fiber and nursery crops, 14 of which are grown exclusively in California. It is the same water supply reliability that consumers depend on that helps farmers grow the wide variety of foods we buy find at the grocery store.

When it comes to water supply, farmers and consumers are on the same side of the table.

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